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    Ocavia Developments is one of London's leading expert in the design and construction of top quality solutions for the home. We provide a range of services to fulfil our client's needs including: Home Extensions, Granny Flats, Attics/Roof conversions, Home, Additions, Home Renovations.
    With a desire to provide every buyer with outstanding support along with a tranquility-of-mind building encounterwe certainly have considered the strain from residence extensions & renovations by supplying a completely built-in services in which we manage plan-design and stylecouncil software and construction in addition to everything in-between.

    layout group specialize in arranging elements of your residence extensions in a manner as best to accomplish a specific goal. Our developers target the partnership involving the house lifestyle and also the invisible prospective of your houseSo no matter if you are in need of extra space or perhaps you simply want to redecorate or come with an accessory for your existing space, Ocavia Developments can be a label you can trust with your house.

    Precisely what is House Extensions or Additions?

    Each time a building posseses an extension or add-on this means it is usually extensive out, at bottom floor degree, or extended up-wardsthat isintroducing an additional stage. Some customers do equally: extending equally up and out.

    It can possibly require a new toilet, or and kitchen modifying, or movinginside wall spaceThis is known as renovatingin other wordsincreasing an issue that already is presentFor this reason the difference in terminology'extending' and 'renovating'.

    The main benefit of our customer care with house developments and extensions

    Ocavia Developments 
    has the most recent design instruments that really help you envision the possibilities with your property extension or property addition.

    We now have found out that this level of support permits our consumers to view the actual possible with their existing homes without having to break spending budgets.

    So you are making your preliminary enquiry, and possess perused the web web site or gotten an preliminary system, so, "what after that? "

    Making use of experience and professionalism and trust with house renovations

    may help you evaluate your existing property and suggest your options availableWe are experts in delivering affordable alternatives with home extensions and additions. Ocavia Developments can expose you to house design and style options which fit your financial allowance and your loved ones demands.

    can help you define the family unit dynamics that may drive how you intend to live and performWe are able to then enable you to investigate the chance of your residence.

    your own home could possibly be one of the best judgements you have ever madeRegrettably it could also be one of the most stressful periods of your lifeYou have to be positive that the outcome will probably be what you would like and therefore the ability will be a pleasant and straightforward a single.

    We have been so focused on your pleasure of your home extension procedure that we present you with this guarantee…